Златни медали качество мебели Golden medals quality furniture


Your neighbor may drive the same car as yours but he would not have the same furniture as yours, at least not when it is the LIVERS brand furniture, and that would be so because we produce pieces of furniture based on customer specific requirements matching only your unique style and preferences.

For the creation of our furniture we are governed by PRINCIPLES based on high level professional knowledge and practice gained over many years of experience:

  • Our workers and designers are professionals who put much skill and passion into their work, improving it all the time by trying to use new materials, mechanisms and technologies.
  • The small things that make our everyday life easier – we use only top quality mechanisms, fittings and hinges for the making of our furniture, and these are products of selected manufacturers - BLUM, HETTICH, HÄFELE.
  • An stringent requirement of our company regarding the input materials /solid timber, boards with natural veneer, adhesives, base coats, lacquers, etc./ is for them to be durable and harmless.

LIVERS is your solution for the different zones in your home performed in both classical and modern style – for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entrance halls, built-in closets, study rooms, doors, partition walls, verandas. Although the interiors will be much different from one another, they will all have one thing in common and that thing is called HIGH QUALITY.

LIVERS gives five years warranty for the workmanship of all structural units, for functional safety and for the quality of materials.

Even if our warranty does not cover a specific fault, you can still count on our support. We offer more than just a standard warranty because LIVERS delivers not only high quality furniture but also first class customer service.

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